Townhouses Torquay

  • 2_Millenium_Way_Torquay_134_metaslide
  • 2_Millenium_Way_Torquay_130_metaslide
  • 2_Millenium_Way_Torquay_134_outside 3
  • 2_millenium_way_torquay_deck ocean
  • 2_millenium_way_torquay_lounge 2
  • 2_millenium_way_torquay_sink
  • 2_millenium_way_torquay_kitchen
  • 2_millenium_way_torquay_70_kitch 2
  • 2_millenium_way_torquay_deck
  • 2_millenium_way_torquay_desk
  • 2_millenium_way_torquay_lounge
  • 2_Millenium_Way_Torquay_outside 5
  • 2_Millenium_Way_Torquay_outside 4
  • 2_Millenium_Way_Torquay_outside 1

It was a privilege to build these 2 modern townhouses including working through the preliminary and drafting stages.  Being involved for the preliminary stage allows our clients to enjoy a smooth and stress free development experience.

These townhouses are set beautifully on the block, allowing both townhouses to take full advantage of the water views and golf course.

Windows were placed to capture the water and treetop views, creating a calming open plan living space on the first floor.

The outside area is perfect for winding down and taking in the surrounding areas.

Our team is very proud of