Portfolio Tag: Home Renovation

Renovation Anderson St, East Geelong

Renovations are always unpredictable, and Anderson St was no exception. Upon visual inspection everything was relatively normal, although we knew there would be hidden surprises. Once we removed the internal linings, we discovered a history of owner builder renovation attempts.  A big shout out must go to all our trades who worked tirelessly to produce…
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Renovation East Geelong

We were honoured to be asked to refurbish this 100-year-old home in Myers St East Geelong. Upon first inspection, we knew there was a lot of work ahead of us.  Everyone involved understood the importance of maintaining the integrity of this beautiful heritage home.  Strong emphasis was put into maintaining original features whilst increasing the…
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Renovation Wandana Heights

Our clients were the original designers of the home on the hill and the fact that they entrusted their family home with us was a great honour. After 23 years of raising a family it was time to update and give this home a face lift. This kitchen was one part of their big renovation…
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